mcb-007The Car Barn prides themselves on their business practices and work ethic. With the Car Barn you don’t pay for the same repair multiple times. Every member of the team is dedicated to ensuring the most positive experience. Knowledgeable staff and impeccable service keep us coming back. Tim and his staff restored our 1957 Corvette which has received a Bloomington Gold and a NCRS Duntov Award. They have also restored our 1955 Corvette which has currently received a NCRS Top Flight Award and we are looking forward to having it proceed to receive a NCRS Duntov Award with Tim and the Car Barn’s guidance. Rick Hoover

mcb-008Just a note to let you know how impressed my wife was with you, your staff, the facility and how clean you keep your shop.

She said you’d better send all your work to Tim. She’s right, you were terrific from the first to help me assess the 67, offer advice and support during the process. Then your service is second to none. Complete, honest, fairly priced, my 67 was is good hands.

If anyone asks it is the ‘Carbarn’ I will recommend and Tim Mickey is the man to talk to. I am an avid reader of the Corvette Forum and have recommended you more than once.

Thanks again, Brad & Valerie Davenport

mcb-010What a great drive home from your shop last night. Everything worked right thanks to your work. Temp stayed around 180 whole time, tranny shifted smoothly, idled at every stop, engine had guts, and not a peep of noise out of the differential. My comfort level with the car on the road has improved greatly, that was our goal. This 20 year + restoration is finally coming to a close. If I can’t enjoy the car now then shame on me. Terrific job and much appreciated. I am so glad I found your shop.

We forget just how old ‘tech’ these cars are. Bias ply tires are all over the lane. Steering not precise. But what a hoot, what a ‘wind on the bald-head’ thrill. I would say ‘wind in the hair’ but it would not be true …. for me!

Thanks again.. Gerry

mcb-011I can’t tell you how much I love and appreciate the work that was done to my car. Please thank your team for me. Not to mention the gentleman that did the console and glove box door. I am so glad to have such professionals to take care of my car, and me too. I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Sincerely, Bill Luckey

mcb-012WOW!!! a BIG “THANK YOU” to the Car Barn!! Tim, Delia, Mike, Gene, we drove the 66 on Sunday and did it ever drive nice! I told Kecia, “I think it’s the best its ever driven!” Thank you all so much!

Kecia Sleezer-Hoover at the North Central Regional in Rochester, MN in May 2014 with her 1955 Harvest Gold Corvette. “Next stop, NCRS National Convention in Kansas for the Duntov Award in July!!I could not have achieved it without all of the help of everybody at Mickey’s Car Barn! Thank you for your endless hours of hard work and dedication!” Rick & Kecia Sleezer-Hoover

mcb-013Tim–Thank you, and the rest of your staff at Mickey’s Car Barn, for the excellent restoration work that was done on my 1964 Sky Blue Convertible–Ol’ Blue. Ol’ Blue was given to me by my Dad some 44 years ago in 1970 as a graduation present, and she’s proudly been with me from Notre Dame, to Miami, to Dallas, and then back to Sweet Home Chicago ever since. And now, on time and slightly under budget, you have restored Ol’ Blue to her original grandeur, as I pass her on to my Daughter, Ashley, when she graduates from Notre Dame in 2015. Thank you again for your excellent work.

Then (1970) & now. Seems like some things do get better with age!

*VTY, Dean Armstrong

mcb-009This is a long overdue THANK YOU for the incredible job you did on completing the restoration of my 1960 Corvette Fuelie!  A Top Fight award at Kissimmee is proof positive of your ability to make a “silk purse out of a sow’s ear”!

I have been a Corvette enthusiast for almost 30 years and have been through 3 amateur restoration projects.  With this experience I thought I had developed a network of qualified restoration experts and was ready to take a car to Top Flight level.  After almost 4 years of work and countless amounts of money I realized that I was very mistaken.

I came to you with a compilation of other people’s mistakes and you systematically analyzed the job and were the first person I ever met who was able to quantify, in terms of points per dollar, a restoration project.  You hit every quotation within 1% and enabled me to bring home the blue ribbon at the car’s FIRST JUDGING!

In 30 years I have never met anyone in this hobby with your level of knowledge and professionalism.  Had I gone to you first I would have saved over $50k and would have a better car.

Again, my sincere thanks and I look forward to our next project together.

Sincerely, Michael Korchmar

DSC03506-smHi Tim,
Thank you for giving up part of your Saturday allowing us to pick up the car during off hours. Since I try to do a lot of my own work I really appreciated you taking the time to go over what was done on the car. Please thank the rest of “The Car Barn Team” for us as well.

The car drove great all the way home, the steering is tight, brake pedal is no longer soft, and the car actually feels like it has a suspension under it.

John & Devan Hanson

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