Find out how we can be of service on your next restoration project or about how we can assist you in keeping that Classic Corvette in tip top shape. Mickey’s Car Barn has a full service facility at your disposal. We love Corvettes and look forward to working with you to make your dream come true.



We do full body off, “rotisserie” restorations to NCRS specifications. Our goal is to present you a new Corvette as it was the year it was produced in St. Louis by General Motors. We do restore it all… if there is a screw inside the radio that has not seen the light of day in 50 years, we are going to remove that screw and restore it before it goes back into the radio for the next 50 years. Truly a new Corvette.


We do that too! Want an oil change, shocks replaced, maybe a tune up, or a piece of weatherstrip replaced? There really is no job too small.


Basket cases as many refer to them. If you are having trouble getting one back together or have just lost interest spending evening and weekends in the garage, we can take over for you and complete the job. Maybe this is just a single item that seems a daunting task, such as a dash pad installation. We can complete any one item and return the Corvette for you to complete, if desired.

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