We offer state of the art shop services. Our highly trained service technicians are always ready to work their magic touch on your vehicle. Please contact us for a quote on shop prices and the various services we offer.


Every Corvette that comes to us is given it’s own room for part’s storage. As the car is disassembled every part is placed in that room and each part is kept in that room once it is restored waiting final assembly. We have found this is a must to keep customer parts from getting mixed up or lost during the restoration process. Best of all, it works!


As you may know personally, or certainly you have heard how gruelling this is for most hobbiests. We really take it seriously and specialize in the preparation of your Corvette for this. We have found the best way to approach this is to actually conduct the test over and over with the intention to force any failures in our shop and to eliminate any marginal operating items before you arrive at the event.


We have enclosed trailers where we will come and get your Corvette and return it when the job is done. We will also deliver your Corvette to you at a Corvette Event/Meet. There are select commercial transportation companies we will use in specific geographical locations as well.

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